andrew zadel



Canadian Festival of Spoken Word 2018

In 2004, Andrew Zadel self-published a collection of poetry entitled Four and Twenty Blackbirds. He went on to win a number of poetry slams in Montreal and Oxford (UK). After a top-four ranking in the 2018 slam season, Andrew was selected to represent Montreal’s Throw Poetry Collective at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Guelph, where the team advanced to the semifinals. Samples of his performance poetry can be found below.

“There is war and there is life. And either way all your little pieces are going to end up on the outside, right where we can see them.

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“Our costumed bones pressed to together, savagely, marrow made of hunger, pretending to be more than animals, my vampire heart swallowing your blessed heat one degree at a time.

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“I promise not to sew up all of your wounds. I can let some of them bleed. Just enough to fill your gas tank on the highway to the next battlefield.

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